NCOM 2018 Central Region Tournament
Team Registration:
Once you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a unique username and password in case you need to go back and change any of the information you entered.  This email will also serve as your invoice.  You do not have to send in your registration fee until the dates listed on your email confirmation.  
Please register your teams as soon as possible so we will have an early indication of how many teams the Central Region will field this year.  If you are missing a few pieces of information, please fill out the form as best you can and enter the missing info later. 
Here is what you will need for registration:
First gather information about your team members and any assistant coaches you have.  Required information is indicated by red boxes.  You will need your school contact’s name, phone and email address.
Your home and cell phone numbers plus an email address you check on a regular basis
The coach’s email address is key to the success of this system; you must submit a valid email address
Your home address (or another address to which we can send tournament materials)
Your team members’ names, the school they attend, grade on May 1, 2018
You will be asked to list information about any additional coaches that are working with you.
You will be able to go back and add new team members until you reach 7 members.
  If a team member’s name is misspelled or their age or grade is incorrect, just send me a note  explaining the mistake, and I will make the correction.
Your team’s division is determined by the grade of your team members. 
 The Registration Process follows: Read through all 9 steps and then return to step one and click on the Member Area link.
  1. Click Member Area (A new window will open so you can still follow come back to these instructions if needed.)
  1. Fill in your membership number and the zip code that was used for your international registration.  Click submit
  1. Check out the membership information at the top of the new page.  This is your official team information that should be used for team signs etc.  If it is not correct, send a note to Creative Competitions so they can make corrections.
  1. Click on the Team Registration Link
  1. The next page will show any teams from your membership that is already registered.  Make sure no one else has chosen your problem and division.  Click the down arrow to the right of the tournament entry field and choose the Central Region Tournament.
  1. Choose your problem and division 1 = Triathlon Travels,  2 =Emoji, Speak for Yourself, 3 = Mockumentary! Seriously?, OMER, 4 = Animal House, 5 = A Stellar Hangout, Primary Problem = We're Cooking Now.  
  1. You are now ready to register.
  2. You will receive a unique username and password to get back to your registration to make any additions or corrections.  You can access your record from the member’s page by clicking the team logon link.
  3. You can access the member’s page from the central region page or from the “Member Area” link on the world home page .

Check and often for the latest information and announcements about this year’s program.  Check the world website for clarifications and other international information.
Send me a note or call me if you have any problems.
Dick Raley
704 544-1363